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10 Reasons why you should volunteer with TANOE.

TANOE - The Hub of Hope for African Entrepreneurs

The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) is a Social Enterprise registered in Ghana as a limited by Guarantee Organisation with the vision of becoming a hub of hope for African entrepreneurs.

Our Mission is to equip African entrepreneurs to build sustainable and globally competitive businesses through the provision of adequate training, relevant information, consistent technical and financial support and productive networks.

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10 Reasons why you should Volunteer with TANOE

Volunteering is one major way of building a good career portfolio and gaining the experience every employer looks out for, why not do so with our brand that aims at empowering you to succeed.

Volunteering with TANOE will bring you into direct contact with experts in the industry and useful contacts that will aid your career or business advancement.

Volunteering with TANOE gives you the opportunity to experience Entrepreneurship at its finest and hardest moments working with successful startups and SMEs.

While assisting others to achieve their goals you get to learn how to build your own brand, enhance your expertise, expand your experience and your business ideas.

Volunteering with TANOE gives you freedom to learn, to make mistakes, to receive guidance, to grow, to develop and to love being an entrepreneur.

The support, guidance and coaching you will receive will not only help shape your thinking, inspiration and ideas but will also drive you to dream more and achieve more.

Volunteering with TANOE will push you to limits you never knew you had. It will bring out your best and your worst all in the bid to help you come out as an exceptional entrepreneur.

Volunteering with TANOE will give you access to useful resoures and empowering workshops and events all year round

Volunteering at TANOE will enhance your ability to think on your feet, establish productive relationships, be proactive and resourceful

Volunteering with TANOE gives you the opportunity for future paid internships, contract or full time employment positions

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