Let's enable you work on your #SideHustle!

Our Side Hustle Support Services enables you start, manage and run your business whilst you still have an active Day Job that occupies your time from 9am to 5pm. You don't have to fret or worry or stress about the how to start your Side Hustle or how to get it moving if you have already started. Talk to us asap and let's get to work!

Ideation Package

1. Idea Development Coaching Services
2. Concept Drafting
3. Business Name Selection
4. Business Plan Drafting
5. Business Name Registration
6. Business Model Design
7. Business Strategy Development

Setup Package

1. Business Name Registration
2. Policy Documentation (Finance, HR etc)
3. Brand Identity
4. Website Design
5. Social Media Management
6. Graphic Design
7. Employee Development
8. Office / Shop Setup
9. Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
10. Recruitment & HR Services
11. Marketing Strategy

Operational Package

1. Employee Recruitment
2. Employee Training & Development
3. Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Growth Package

1. Partnership Negotiations
2. Annual Report Drafting & Design
3. Signature Events Creation
4. Marketing Outsourcing
5. Investor Matching
6. Website Redesign
7. Rebranding (Logo / Colors / Look)
8. Corporate Profile Drafting
9. Recruitment & HR Services
10. Corporate Souvenirs
11. Social Media Management
12. Graphic Designs

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