Serial Entrepreneurs Networking Cocktail

  • 5pm - 9pm
Welcome to 'Serial Entrepreneurs Networking Cocktail'. There are so many times in the life of a Serial Entrepreneur that it feels like they are alone on this Journey. There seems to be no one to talk to, share fraustrations about a system that is not working, no one to truly understand the challenges we face no matter how small it is. And mostly, we don't take time off to relax and take care of ourselves because we understand that 'time no dey' and every minute matters when you are building businesses.

That's what this event is for. To get a group of like minded entrepreneurs together in one room, relaxing, eating good food, listening to great music, watching incredible performances and most of all connecting with each other, making new contacts, and having conversations about shared situations.

Also, there is a reason the word “work” is in “network". It's because networking can actually be quite hard. But with our informal and friendly setup, all serial entrepreneurs from large corporate types to start-up, SMEs etc. can find it easy to navigate. This also includes serial entrepreneurs with Day Jobs.

We encourage everyone to come along to our Serial Entrepreneur Networking Cocktail, mix with peers, learn from industry colleagues, share ideas, skills and make connections over drinks and great conversation.

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