Our Annual Events & Activities Calendar

Events & Activities are by our Networks and Projects

Throughout the year, there are various events and initiatives by our Networks and Projects aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa

From Workshops & Conferences to build capacity, foster partnerships and encourage networking, to awards ceremonies to honour outstanding entrepreneurs & professionals to exhibitions to provide access to market to competitions to discover & nurture budding entrepreneurs, we've truly got it all.

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  • January 2019TANOE Entrepreneurs Retreat

    Annual business strategic planning retreat for entrepreneurs. An opportunity to review just ended year, plan for the year ahead and receive mentorship, coaching and feedback from resources persons and other entrepreneurs.
  • March 2019GirlEmpowered Skills BootCamp

    A skills training & development initiative designed to equip girls with entrepreneurial & vocational skills. This is aimed at enhancing their potentials, boosting their confidence and positioning them to be more resourceful.
  • April 2019TANOE Business Roundtable

    An initiative to bring together various players in different industries to brainstorm on ways to identify and leverage on opportunities and examine changing trends and strategies for market dominance.
  • May 2019WEGAD Forum

    It aims to facilitate dialogues on independent and collaborative efforts at empowering and developing women and promoting gender and development in Ghana in line with the fulfillment of SDG Goals 1, 5, 10 and 17.
  • June 2019GirlEmpowered Conference

    GirlEmpowered Conference, currently in its 3rd year, brings together over 600 female students from Senior High Schools in Ghana to be empowered by Speakers and Mentors and also to showcase their ideas and businesses.
  • Sat. 29th June, 2019Entrepreneurship Hard Talk

    Entrepreneurship Hard Talk is a strictly by invitation mentorship and coaching event for Aspiring, Budding and Startup Entrepreneurs who desire to pursue entrepreneurship as a full time job. It is a specialised event made up of candid testimonies and lessons learnt, one on one coaching and mentorship sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • July 2019Top 50 Corporate Women Leaders Honours

    An Annual Award ceremony to celebrate the Top 60 Corporate Women Leaders in Ghana.
  • August 2019Ghana Startup Awards

    An annual award ceremony that celebrates ambitious and indigenous Ghanaian start-up businesses that are making impact, contributing to economic growth, meeting social needs and putting Ghana on the global economic map. The Startup Club 100 Members are unveiled during this event.
  • September 2019Face of GirlEmpowered

    FOGE is currently the only business accelerator pageant in Ghana hosted annually to groom and develop the business acumen as well as ideas of young ladies whiles exposing them to personal branding and public speaking skills
  • October 2019SME Dialogues

    An initiative aimed at encouraging insightful, engaging and empowering conversation amongst SME support stakeholders, policy makers, SMEs and successful entrepreneurs aimed at bridging existing information gaps and examining the current state of SMEs in Ghana and discuss ways to improve it.
  • November 2019Women CEO Summit

    Annual Signature Conference of WomanRising to bring together Corporate Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs to discuss ways to grow their businesses into sustainable globally competitive brands
  • November 2019WomanRising Expo

    An Annual Grand Exhibition of products and services of Women Entrepreneurs aimed at giving them access to broader market and prospective investors and partners
  • November 2019100 Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Honours

    An Annual Award ceremony to celebrate the 100 Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Honours in Ghana.
  • December 2019WEGAD Honours

    An annual recognition of best performing stakeholders and players in the Women Empowerment, Gender & Development Sector in Ghana aimed at highlighting exploits in the sector.
  • December 2019SME Employee Excellence Awards

    An event to celebrate outstanding and hardworking employees of Small & Medium Scale Enterprises and Startup Businesses.