100 Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana by TANOE

2016 Ghana Startups Awards Shortlist announced
April 11, 2016

Across the world, outstanding stories are told of both the young and old becoming more innovative in delivering competitive solutions to the problems that the world faces daily. From the Mark Zuckerbergs of United States of America to the Aliko Dangotes of Nigeria, the exploits of individuals in business are shaping the world and transforming economies.

Here in Ghana, the story isn’t different. Young people are becoming more passionate and innovative, increasing the rate at which ideas are being commercialized into startup companies that are creating myriad opportunities, combating youth unemployment, bridging the skills gap and contributing their significant quota to the transformation of the economy of Ghana and Africa at large. Even more exciting is the global competitiveness of these ideas and startups regardless of the daunting challenges and obstacles faced in their development.

Shortlisted from a comprehensive list of several groundbreaking and high growth startups by Ghanaians; these 100 startups have become or are on their way to becoming market leaders in their respective industries. Aiming to be globally competitive, these startups are leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of their vision. These are definitely the 100 Must Watch Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana from several sectors including but not limited to Agriculture, Finance & Investments, Fashion, Technology, Media, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Health, Education, Retail and e-Commerce, Energy and Social Enterprise.

The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE), an award winning Social Enterprise in partnership with Avance Media conducted a compelling research which received numerous public nominations leading to the creation of this 100 Globally Competitive Startups List being published ahead of TANOE’s Ghana Startup Awards which will also witness the official induction of Ghanaian Startups into the first cohort of the Ghana Startups Club 100.

In a conversation with Ekow Mensah, CEO of The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE), he stated that more and more high-impact startups are flourishing in Ghana – young companies that innovate, solve hard problems, grow fast, create jobs and put Ghana on the world economic map. He emphasized that these companies deserve recognition and support from all of us as they hold the keys to solving the most pertinent socio-economic challenges faced in Ghana and Africa at large.

He said; “this 100 list is a definitive countdown to Ghana’s most innovative, inspiring and ground-breaking new companies. Some of the 100 are names or brands you will recognize for their phenomenal success stories and others you will be less familiar with but are making tremendous impact in their chosen sectors. Some of the companies on the list have existed for over 5 years and may currently not be Startups in nature; our decision to include them was based on their outstanding performance and tremendous growth serving as a source of inspiration and authentic case studies. Others are barely a year old but hold tremendous growth prospects.  We look forward to inducting as many of them as possible into the Ghana Startups Club 100 at the upcoming TANOE Ghana Startup Awards later in the year.” He concluded.

Media Partners include; Joy Business and Business Day Ghana Newspaper

Below are the 100 Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana in alphabetical order.

  1. 233 Apps
  2. Abrantie Wear
  3. Adinkra Pastries
  4. Africa New Media
  5. Agro Mindset
  6. Ahonya
  7. Akiboat Impressions
  8. Akila Ghana Limited
  9. Ameyaw Debrah Media
  10. Anyako Farms
  11. Asoriba
  12. Atlantic Catering & Logistics Ltd
  13. Azalia Co. Ltd
  14. Best Point Savings & Loans
  15. BKC Consulting
  16. Boomers International
  17. Brave Hearts Expeditions
  18. BullHaus Entertainment
  19. Chaste Clothing
  20. Christie Brown
  21. Cliq Africa
  22. Coasters Co. Ltd
  23. Cook House
  24. CREO Concepts
  25. Cylabite
  26. Devio Arts Centre
  27. Diamond Capital
  28. Dropifi
  29. Duaba Serwaa
  30. eCampus LLc
  31. Edel Technology Consult
  32. Education Abroad
  33. EIB Network
  34. Era Global LLC
  35. Events Guide
  36. Express Pay
  37. Farmerline
  38. Fashionista Gh
  39. Florish Multimedia
  40. Forhey
  41. GB Interactive Limited
  42. Ghana Bamboo Bikes
  43. Gifts Food Culture
  44. Glitz Africa
  45. Greeen Afro Palms
  46. Hair Senta
  47. Harmony & Charm
  48. Harmony Trends Gh
  49. Heel the World
  50. Hetura Books Company limited
  51. JE & F Company
  52. Kantanka Automobile
  53. KawaMoka
  54. Kharis Media
  55. Kusi Consulting
  56. Leap Transmedia
  57. Legacy Capital
  58. Leti Arts
  59. Logiciel Ltd
  60. Louicage Studios
  61. Mansuki Ghana
  62. MapTech Logistics
  63. MeQasa
  64. Mercury Republic Events
  65. Mesh
  66. Mpawa
  67. Msimps
  68. Nakwes Technology
  69. NandiMobile
  70. Naya Naturals
  71. NKACC Productions
  72. Oasis Websoft
  73. Orbit Money Lending Company
  74. Papa Oppong Collections
  75. Quik Medical Consult
  76. RigWorld
  77. Rosak Consult
  78. SA4A Designs
  79. Saka Homes Limited
  80. Selina Beb
  81. Seven Street Multimedia
  82. Solar People
  83. Solid Multimedia
  84. Soronko Solutions
  85. Store Foundry
  86. Suba
  87. Surfline
  88. The CupCake Boutique Ghana
  89. Unilynq
  90. Unique Quality Products Enterprise
  91. Utama
  92. Wanjo Foods
  93. Wazuri Enterprise
  94. Wear Ghana
  95. Websoft Solutions
  96. Xodus Communications
  97. Yougora Ltd
  98. ZaaCoal
  99. Zeepay
  100. ZoobaShop

100 Globally Competitive Startups in Ghana 1

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